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The integral permanence of the family can face barriers in the Brazilian legislation. Within the Family Visa category, we have three segments: Family Reunion, Offspring or Stable Marriage / Marriage application.


Before we start the process, the documentary analysis is performed to make sure that the process occurs quickly and reducing the possibility of rejection. We accompany our clients to the Federal Police.


Mawon provides full support in requesting and obtaining the National Alien Registration (RNE), Individuals Registration and other essential documents for the stay and eventual work of the foreign spouse in the country.


Our team of qualified professionals with 10 years of experience in the market will ensure a fast, easy and safe service for you and your family. We believe that bureaucracy can be solved simply and without a headache.

faced by immigrants.


Mawon is the result of the marriage of two immigrants and we understand the desire to want to be with those we love.

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Family Reunion - VITEM XI

Visa granted to foreigners who have family ties in Brazil. Through proof of family ties between foreigners and Brazilians, it is possible to apply for a permanent visa with an indefinite term. Same sex couples are very welcome!


Average process time: 3 months

Validity: 10 years (extendable)

Visa with a Brazilian Child

Brazilian law grants foreigners who have Brazilian children the right to a permanent visa, provided that the child is under their custody and economic dependence.


The visa is intended to protect the interests of the child.
Request to stay abroad based on Brazilian offspring.


Average process time: 3 months

Validity: Undetermined

Marriage / Stable Union Visa

Permanent visa to foreigner married to a Brazilian and / or resident foreigner.


Average process time: 3 months

Validity: 10 years (extendable)

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