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Guidebook: how to help migrants and refugees during the Coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus crisis hit us all in different ways and intensities.

A great part of the migrants and refugees that live in Brazil are entrepreneurs and/or informal workers. In the face of the current situation, and unable to leave their houses, many people have lost their only source of income.

In an attempt to mitigate the negative impacts that coronavirus has been causing in the lives of refugees and immigrants, the Mawon association shares a guidebook to strengthen our network and to indicate possible ways of contributing to those who want to support the cause.

The transcription of the guidebook is below. To access the original art in PDF click here! Share :)

Hire an online language class

Language diversity is one of the greatest cultural riches we carry with us. In addition to learning something new, immersing yourself in a culture completely different from ours makes us face the world differently.

How to do this? Talk to Abraço Cultural, they are experts on the matter!

www.facebook.com/abcultural / instagram.com/abracocultural

Contribute financially to a vulnerable family

You can also make a financial contribution to families that have suffered the most from the drop of their income. That way, they can use the money according to their most urgent needs, such as paying rent, water, and electricity, among others.

How to do this? Talk to Mawon!

Mentor a business

Do you have mastery in any area of ​​Business Administration such as Finance, Marketing, or Accounting? Help in the business development of microentrepreneurs in the Empregadorismo Program, conducted by Mawon with support from Mitsubishi Corporation and Phi Institute.

Our program has 30 participants from the most diverse branches, such as gastronomy, handicrafts and fashion.

Find out more: https://www.mawon.com.br/empregadorismo

Order a Delivery

Several immigrants and refugees have their businesses related to gastronomy and have options for all tastes!! From delicious arepas, ceviches, fritay, to vegetarian and vegan options!

How to do this? Talk to the Chega Junto Fair (facebook.com/feirachegajunto / instagram.com/feirachegajunto)

Buy a staple basket and ask for it to be delivered to the house of a vulnerable family

In times of financial crisis, ensuring basic food is the number one priority. With the help of the delivery market, it is possible to shop online and get the goods delivered to the houses (or support locations) of immigrant and refugee families.

How to do this? Talk to us at Mawon.

Buy a hygiene kit and donate it to a vulnerable family