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All migrants in Brazil pay attention! New guidelines are being adopted by the Federal Police.

Atualizado: 7 de abr. de 2020

In detriment to the global threat of CoronaVirus (COVID-19), extraordinary measures in relation to migratory practices took effectiveness this week. An internal regulation was published on Monday (16/03) on the Federal Police website about guidelines and important changes in the scope of migration. Below webring the main points presented.

The valid period of all migratory documents is suspended

As publicated, the valid period of all migratory documents are suspended.

This includes:

  • National Migration Registration Certificate (CRNM)

  • Provisional Document of National Migration Registry (DPRNM)

  • Tourist visas

  • Professional Visas

  • Investor Visa

  • Permanencies of all kinds

  • Refugee status

I am already in an irregular situation, what happens?

For those who are undocumented, there are good news. The days of irregularity are freezed during the covid-19 crisis period. For example, the amount of irregularity fine, since the New Migration Law of 2017, is R$ 100 per day. If today, March 17, you are in an irregular situation for 10 days, your accumulated fine is R$ 1,000 (10 days x R $ 100). The amount of the fine will remain "frozen" until the next statement by the Federal Police on the issue. But beware, keep an eye on the news in the coming weeks to avoid accumulating a fine if the Federal Police suspends the new guidelines

Can I want to start the process of naturalization or permanence during this period?

No. As the regulations are published, all naturalization and permanence processes are suspended, due to the lack of urgency. Everyone must wait until the national emergency situation ends to start or continue the process.

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