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Living in another country is challenging in many ways, and bureaucracy is often one of the biggest problems facing immigrants. Our work aims to ensure an individualized service, so that the client follows all stages of the legal process with transparency and attention.



Our team of trained professionals with 10 years of experience in the market ensures fast, easy and safe service for you and your family.

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The CPF is mandatory for access to various civil acts in Brazil, such as: access to the Unified Health System (SUS), opening bank accounts, work card and anything that involves signing a contract such as Company Opening and Telephone Line. It can be obtained by foreigners who live abroad and have business or property in Brazil.



The RNM is mandatory for all immigrants, with temporary visa and, especially, for those who want to live in the country. The RNM has digital registration. The RNM has important information such as: full name, 3x4 photo, date of birth, dispatch and validity of the document, the ID number and CPF.



Perhaps the most important step in integrating immigrants into society is through formal employment. CTPS is mandatory for any formal work and is part of the process of obtaining a Work Visa. All process procedures are conducted by the Mawon team that ensures agility at competitive prices.

Student Visa (Temporary Visa IV)

Student Visa applies for regular study, internship, study exchange or research purposes.

The student will be linked to the defined educational institution.


For partnerships with companies, see our unique values.


Average process time: 3 months


Validity: 12 months (extendable)

Mercosur Agreement (VITEM XIII)

Since 2009 the full right of residence has been instituted for Mercosur nationals and associated states.


Associated Countries: Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.


Ordinary: For those who have a residence, have lived in Brazil for at least four years, can read and write Portuguese.


Extraordinary: For persons of any nationality who have been residing in the national territory for more than 15 uninterrupted years.


Provisional: For foreigners living in Brazil during their first 10 years of life.

Other documents

• Issuance or renewal of identity card for foreigners (RNM, former RNE);

• Individuals registration card (CPF / MF);

• Issuance or renewal of driver's license (CNH);

• Work and social security card (CTPS);

• Brazilian passport;

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