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We know your pain to regularize.
We are with you throughout the process.
The Mawon is a Business Impact of working on behalf of migrant with a proposal to integrate cultures and break the concept of borders.
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"I felt several times mistaken and not knowing what to do to register my visa in Brazil. Mawon took care of the papers and accompanied me throughout the process until I got my document"

- Charles - French Citizen

"I also felt lost when I arrived in Brazil. I didn't know what to do, where to go and how to do it. From my expertise on the topic of migration, I created Mawon so that no one goes through moments of desolation, because no one is illegal"

- Melanie Montinard - CEO

"I wanted to stay in Brazil to live with my partner, but I found it very difficult to carry out our project. There was a lot of information and a document was always missing. Mawon informed me, guided me, accompanied each step of the process. Today I can live with my wife in Rio"

- Tom - Cidadão Estadunidense

Damian - Britânico 

Bertille - Francesa

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